Pink Light

He is soft

Like whispers
Walks light footed on the surface of father earth
Like he’s giving him butterfly kisses on his cheek
Dances to his own melody
His Rythm is subtle
Like raindrops on your window

His voice is warm and deep
Like sinking into a pillow before you fall a sleep
His words are like soft punches
They dont break through walls,
but reach through your chest and make your heart beat

He has trouble finding the bass though
So up in the air he can be
Stuck in the air
He can be gone for a while
The bass was always more of a man than  he tought  he could ever find in himself
So he appeared incomplete
Like a box of crayons missing the color blue

When he enters a room painted blue
He turns purple like a bruised ego
A little man afraid that his shade will inspire hate in the eyes of the ones that don’t
understand the beauty in the contrast

He is not at all as rough as his beard
As sharp as his eyes
As tight as the muscles on his bones
His density is an illusion
You can see right trough him

But he does want to touch you
Not to stop you
But to inspire a motion that playfully shakes the foundation of that which is

Just to see if we can take what is ruined and build a bridge
And on that bridge he will sing a song
For the moon
Until she smiles and couresses the night…
With pink light



Im Not Black Im Deep

(original music)

You see
Im not black, Im deep
You’re just looking at something that you don’t understand.
You don’t know how to describe what you see, so you call it black, but thats not me.
Im not black, Im deep

The black you see is the color of your ignorance.
You are in the dark about my light, its bright.
Im not black im deep….purple

Like the amethyst that i hold in my hand,
connecting my crown to all the stars in the universe.
Look up and feel it’s infinity.
There is infinite possibility, that you can’t see.
Its seems black to you, but its infinite like me.
Im not black im deep.

Its like when you close your eyes and you enter deep sleep
and the black behind your eylids becomes the landscape where you create your dreams.
All gone and forgotten when your eyes are hit by the light of the day.

The Sun

I am the forgotten son of the earth.
I’m like my mother.
If you go beyond the surface you’ll discover

Im not Black, Im deep


29 Mighty Fine

(Spoken )

Happy Birthday To ME!

I turned 29 last week and had my first surprise party.  That moment of walking into a room and seeing so many people that i love and love me is something that will be imprinted in my memory forever. That and the James Brown like freestyle dance that attacked my body as a respons to the shock. Everything came together: old friends and new friends connecting, familie members meeting my boyfriend ( who organised the whole thing by the way ) and me standing in the center of it all feeling that my life makes complete sense. The work of connecting all my inner parts over the past years on a emotional, intellectual and spiritual level materialised itself right in front of me. Every person in the room was part of a beautiful chapter and this night was the beginning of a whole new story.

My name is Guillermo aka Gimotion.
Im an artist. The way i love to explain that is by saying that i dance on multiple levels. I dance with my body to music, i dance with my pen on paper, i dance with my voice and i dance with the concepts in my mind. I love to present myself and my art on different platforms and reach a lot of people. I hope that my work eventually leads to empowering and challenging conversations and ultimately to connection.
I started this blog because i desire to communicate on a larger scale. In my life i have had the opportunity to come across so many beautiful people saying beautiful things. I want to be one of those people offering beautiful, thoughtful, inspiring, funny, sarcastic and passionate words to inspire the one listening or reading. Not to say that i have a bunch of answers, but i do have a lot of questions and opinions and think its important to share my perspective. This brings me back to the reason why i make art in the first place. I have discovered that life is as interesting as the questions you ask yourself, so i let the questions be my guide

One of my favorite dance classes to take is Gaga movement class. Its a one hour and 15 minute movement exploration trough improvisation that feels like a meditative and playful journey trough your body. You are guided by the teacher’s tasks and suggestions into a space where your possibilities expand. There is no style no specific techniques and no mirrors. Just you and your relationship to your own movement and the other bodies in the space ( look it up if you don’t know link below ). Its always a trip and afterwards i feel so released open and inspired. At the end of my last class the teacher – Keren Rosenberg who is an amazing woman and good friend of mine – asked if she could say something. She said that during the class a question came up for her and she wanted to share that with us. “What is the urgency to dance, to perform to showcase your body in this way? For us who are fed, safe, and have these platforms and opportunities to showcase our artwork ,what is the urgency ?” One of those questions you take home and chew on.

For me the urgency changes with time, and it grows with me. I just want to connect. Im passionate about it and not about being your fb friend or following you on Instagram, but by giving you  the most valuable thing i think i have to offer and that is my creativity and the love that inspires it. How i get there?
Its a process, its eternal and im right here in the middle making it happen every step of the way

link to Information about gaga movement